Blood Donations Needed To Help Traumatic Injury Patients, Cancer Patients, And More

SUPERIOR, Wisc. — It’s a story that keeps re-occurring. The blood supply in the area is getting low. Volunteers are needed to take just a few minutes to donate a pint of blood. Each donation can help three people.

This time of year is more difficult to keep the blood supply up. Regular donors may be out of town visiting relatives and friends, the weather can be lousy keeping people at home and crashes increase the need for blood.

The Red Cross was in Superior Thursday, at the YMCA, with a goal of gathering 25 units of blood.

Cory Boe of the Red Cross says, “The supply, hospital supplies are very low right now. Right now, we do have a critical messaging out saying that we are in a shortage. While some hospitals are better off than others, we are not meeting our needs right now, so we do need some donors to turn out in the next few weeks to meet that supply that we’ve already promised to hospitals. saying we will have this for you, for your patients.”

Blood donations are used for patients coming in for traumatic injuries, burns, chronic diseases such as cancer, and are key in many surgeries and organ transplants.

If you missed the Superior event, the Red Cross is holding a blood drive Friday in Hermantown, at the YMCA, from 9:oo to 3:00.

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