Superior Public Safety Officials Serve In a New Way

SUPERIOR, Wisc. — Law enforcement officers and other first responders in Superior helped the community in a different way on Thursday.

They served food at a local restaurant to raise money for charity.

The event at The Kitchen Restaurant featured the Superior police chief, fire chief, the outgoing Douglas County sheriff and the incoming sheriff elect.

The special on the menu today was prime rib dinner for just $13.

The Superior Fire Chief, Scott Gordon explained why the public officials were at The Kitchen, “We’re doing this for the Legion and for Toys for Tots. I’m here representing Toys for Tots, a project that’s near and dear to my heart. We help hundreds and hundreds of families every year with toys. It’s a favorite project.”

With all the leaders from the local emergency response agencies, it’s an opportunity for people see these local leaders in an entirely new light…as a server, a waiter or even a dishwasher, which also helps people see them in lighter moments, and not just responding to fires and crimes.

Gordon said that he enjoys doing this each year. “Now, I get to give them food. I get to be the bumbling fool — and I’m okay with that.”
People on hand were enjoying their meals while others were picking up the meals to being back to their families or their offices.

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