St. Louis County Public Works Employees to Conduct Strike Vote

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Minn. — The St. Louis County employees working in the Public Works area will be conducting a strike authorization vote.

Negotiations have been ongoing between St. Louis County and its unionized workers. The County says agreements have been reached and ratified by county bargaining units representing more than half of the County’s total workforce.

However, the 160 employees in the public works department, represented by Local 320, have not reached an agreement. The members will take a strike vote on December 19. These employees perform a wide variety of needed services, including snow plowing.

It appears there are three areas where the two sides disagree:

The other employees have agreed to a three percent pay raise each year for the next three years. The Teamsters want a 4 percent raise each year.

The county has agreed to a one-time payment of $400 for employees. The public works employees are asking for a $500 payment in each of the next three years.

The other sticking point is for Cold weather gear. The union wants $500 each year for the gear, while the county is offering $150 each year.

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