Local Mechanics Give Winter Tire Tips

HERMANTOWN, Minn.–The winter season is upon us and one way to avoid slipping and sliding on the roads is to make sure your tires are in good condition.

We asked local professionals what key factors to keep in mind when switching out tires for different seasons. Mechanics over at Pro Tires in Hermantown say it all comes down to what the road conditions are, what materials are used on the roads, and what type of terrain you drive on.

There are several tire options to add to your vehicle, but if you live in Minnesota experts recommend relying on winter tires or something that can survive all four seasons.

Pro Tires Store Manager, Mike Lawrey, said, “Basically it comes down to what they wanna do. Some people get winter tires which a good way to go too. There’s some new hybrid tires now that are available. So then you can run them all year round. They have the mountain stamp and the snowflake on them so you can save money, versus going back and forth from winter tires to summer tires”.

A pro-tip on checking your tread on your tires if you want to save a trip to the shop; take a penny and insert it into your tire tread. If President Lincoln’s forehead is covered, your tread is in good condition. If his forehead is exposed, you may be due for new tires.

If you have any concerns regarding your car’s tires, make an appointment sooner than later as shops like Pro Tire can have waiting list. The mechanics there tell us winter is often the busy season for auto shops around town.

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