Duluth Pack Celebrates 140 Years

DULUTH, Minn. – “It’s our 140th anniversary of doing business in Duluth, Minnesota,” Duluth Pack President and CEO, Tom Sega says.

Duluth Pack, America’s oldest canvas and leather pack and bag maker turned 140 on Monday.

“We’re older than sliced bread, we are older than penicillin, we’re older than the automobile. So, we’ve evolved like crazy you know if you think about it, been through two world wars, been through the Great Depression, the pandemic, all of the things that this company has survived is really just a testament of the employees of this company,” Sega says.

Camille Poirier, a French-Canadian, founded the company in 1882 patenting the original Duluth Pack. Over a century later, that same style of pack remains on store shelves.

“We started with one product 140 years ago. Literally 15 years ago we only had 60 products in the product line, and we have about 300 different products 15 years later,” Sega says.

Apparel, outdoor gear, bags, packs, accessories and more. One product that recognizes the accomplishment of 140 years in the business is the legacy pack.

“We have our legacy pack right here which has the little brass tag. That’s what Camille Poirier, the founder, back in 1882 had. He said it was “the pack with the little brass tag” and we are very proud of that in carrying on that legacy,” Sega says.

The success of sustaining a business for 140 years may be due to a couple of the company’s core values: producing quality products and insuring a lifetime guarantee.

“If you make a quality bag, you have the luxury to put a lifetime guarantee on it,” Sega says.

The President and CEO of Duluth Pack says that Monday’s celebration is about paying homage towards employees and the customers they serve.

“The employees are really helpful, and they know a lot about what they’re talking about and can give some advice on gear and clothing. So, it’s a great store,” Customer, Clara Hayes says.

Through Friday the 16th, Duluth Pack will be offering gift card and e-gift card promotions both in store and online.

“It’s really great that they’ve been here for so long and they’ve become a really great business in Duluth,” Hayes says.

“We’re just so proud to represent this historic brand, we can’t wait for what’s going to happen in the next 140 years, and also to represent this local economy right here in Duluth, Minnesota,” Sega says.

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