Superior to See Lower Property Taxes

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – There will be good news for residents of Superior when they open their property tax bills later this month as they will see a three percent reduction . Your property taxes actually consist of taxes from four units of government, City, County, Schools and Technical Colleges.

Superior Mayor Jim Paine says there is one major reason for property taxes going down.

“The biggest reason for a tax decrease is that the economy is growing in Superior,”  said Paine. ” The taxes are collected from all property tax payers and there is just more value out there. Particularly since, starting two years ago we started to close Tax Increment Districts with taxes that weren’t being paid to the city, and the county and the school district. They are now and so that means that everybody else has to pay a little less.”

The Mayor did not have specifics on how many tax increment districts have been closed or the increased value of those districts.

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