Common Snow Blower Issue

DULUTH, Minn. – If you’ve been outside at all today, you’ve heard the roar of snow blowers. They have been out in force throughout the northland as the snow has been piling up.  For some people their snow blower wouldn’t start. When that happens Scott Cyr, the owner of Denny’s Lawn and Garden, gets quite busy with phone calls and people stopping in at his store.

“Yes, there certainly are problems. ” said Cyr. “We’re hearing a lot of people just taking them out for the first time this week. I would have thought they had looked at them sooner and needed them sooner. I’ve had to use mine a few times” He went on, “The number one problem is always the fuel. They have bad fuel in them and they won’t want to start. That’s the number one problem. Lot of issues with the fuel now-days, it goes bad so fast. If it’s left from last year it’s not gonna ignite and it’s not gonna start”.

Cyr reminds people to follow the instructions and warnings on their snow blowers and be careful when working with the snow blower

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