Locals Were Out Enjoying the Best and the Worst of a Minnesota Blizzard

DULUTH, Minn.–It didn’t take long for Duluth to turn into a winter wonderland this morning. While many decided to hunker down inside during the heavy snowfall, there were a few out and about enjoying snow. For them, it was part of the reason to live in Minnesota and the wet sticky snow was perfect for building a snowman.

“We live for this,” said Melissa, a Duluth resident.

“Yeah this is the best.  This is our favorite kind of day, just like, big snowflakes, nobody’s out, nobody’s doing anything,” said Cooper, also a Duluth resident.

“It’s cozy, it’s cake. Just be with family and stay warm and come out quick and go back in quick,” added Melissa.

After a quick snowman build, it was back inside for hot cocoa and crafts while the kids enjoyed the day off of school.

Meanwhile, not everyone was having as much fun in the snow.  Between the snow and the plows, several vehicles across town had to be shoveled out. For one UMD student, it was especially important to make it back home at a reasonable time.

“I’ve just been trying to shovel it out. I will probably be out here for another 10 more minutes trying to get out, and then make the trek back home so i can get my finals done,” said UMD student Cole Diekow.

After about 10 minutes, Cole was finally able to get out with some additional help and hopefully in time for his final.

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