Pointers For Snow Piling Up on Your Roof

DULUTH, Minn.–While Snow on the power lines may take them down, it’s unlikely the snow that’s fallen on your roof will cause major issues with the stability of your roof, but the experts do have a few pointers to look out for.

The owner of Miller Roofing, Zach Miller, says your roof is probably okay even with the heavy snow that’s falling. However, there is something else you should look at on your roof.

Miller Roofing Owner, Zach Miller, said, “Most roofs are designed to hold the weight, but its always good to keep the venting system open and very accessible for the air to get in and out. With that being said, roof vents do breath through the snow, but of course it is going to breath better with clearing out around them”.

One thing that many people think looks good are icicles hanging from the roof, but that’s generally a bad sign. It could indicate the presence of an ice dam. The icicles form when warm air escapes from the attic and melts the snow on the roof. In the spring the ice dam could melt and leak into your attic.

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