Proctor Rails Basketball Team Hosts Meatball Fundraiser

DULUTH, Minn. – The Proctor Rails Boys Varsity Basketball team put on a Swedish Meatball Fundraiser Sunday in an effort to raise funds for the team.

Held at the Dry Dock Bar and Restaurant, the banquet served up Swedish meatballs, gravy, corn, and green beans. The team says they are raising funds to improve their court and purchase new jerseys.

Currently, some of the uniforms are duplicated between the JV and Varsity team, and some players don’t have the same numbers for home and away games.

“It’s just really great. You know, we like to see that some people actually really care about our team, and our sport, and just all the kids that are running around,” Proctor Rails Basketball Player, Jackson Olson says.

“It’s a great opportunity to get all the players here, their families, and community involved. Gives them a chance to see everyone on our team and they can help donate have3 some good food, and good conversations. So, I think it’s a good event we are putting on here,” Proctor Rails Basketball Coach, Brody Eldin says.

The event also included a silent auction, with some items being donated from local stores like Proctor Builders and Proctor Pizza.

“As a parent, it’s nice just to see the team working together and see the players coming together. we kind of wanted to get it started this year so we can pass it on to the team as it goes down the line for other players as they’re coming up,” Rails Basketball Fundraiser Parent/Organizer, Amanda Synnott says.

Other efforts to raise funds for the team have been through selling tickets for games, 50/50 raffles during games, and dollar pop shots.

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