Customers Wait Hours at Duluth Post Office

DULUTH, Minn. – A line of people wrapped all the way around the interior of the post office, eagerly waiting for their deliveries.

When we stopped by around 2 PM on Monday, people at the end of the line say they had been waiting for over three hours.

A woman we spoke with, toward the middle of the line, said she had been there for around two hours, awaiting her three packages that were supposed to arrive last Wednesday.

“I think that it’s just a bad circumstance and people are taking it the way they need to get their packages. Everyone’s been really cool. I mean, we’ve just been, everyone’s just waiting in here. No one’s been rude, people are cheering when people finally get their packages,” waiting in line, Julie Venhuizen says.

Meanwhile outside the post office, it was a different type of struggle. The drive-up mailbox was packed full, but people did their best to fit their mail in there to avoid the line.

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