Salvation Army Holds Day Two of Christmas Distributions

DULUTH, Minn. — Today was the second and final day at the Salvation Army where they were handing out gifts and food for families in the community needing assistance. Up to 80 families were being helped each hour, selecting toys and games for all ages that were donated by the community.  For those struggling with rising costs and forced to make difficult decisions on where to spend their money, it is a relief to have somewhere to turn for help during the Christmas season.

“I just got new tires yesterday, but that was a lot of Christmas money that went towards those new tires. I know that families are struggling doing things like that. Finally taking care of important things, but that’s also taking away from money that they could have spent on Christmas gifts,” said Duluth Resident Rose St John.

The Salvation Army could use more donations targeted towards teenagers so they can help parents with children in that age group.  It is never too late to donate as they are accepted year-round.

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