Cenovus Awards $50,000 to Student-Led Manufacturing Program

Spartan Manufacturing is a student-led curriculum focused on learning hands-on skills at Superior High School

SUPERIOR, Wisc.–Superior High School’s technical education program received an early Christmas gift Wednesday.

They recently founded Spartan Manufacturing and got a big donation from Cenovus Energy.

Established earlier this year, Spartan Manufacturing is a student-led curriculum focused on learning hands-on skills. It not only educates students about how to make things or weld, but encourages students to explore all their options after high school, such as enrolling in a trade school or getting involved with apprenticeship programs.

Cenovus awarded $50,000 to go directly to help provide any equipment or supplies they still need.

Spartan Manufacturing instructor, Spike Gralewski, said, “The grant that we wrote, we are going to be purchasing a few pieces of equipment here so we can bolster what we have. It’s kind of hard to teach students on a machine when I only have one with twenty students”.

Spartan Manufacturing students also have the chance to sell the products they create while enrolled in the program.

Spartan Manufacturing student, Edward Hakanson, said, “People that always wanted to be a welder, go into manufacturing, construction, this is a place for them to really flourish and get real experience. I’m just so grateful for it, it’s a place where I feel like I belong.”

While Cenovus was dropping off their donation Wednesday, they got a little something in return. They ordered over 500 Cenovus tumblers produced by students themselves to use as Christmas gifts.

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