Coffee Conversation: Wussow’s All Day New Years Eve Bash

DULUTH, Minn — Wussow’s Concert Cafe is ringing in the New Year with an all day News Years Eve Bash.

The fun starts bright and early Dec. 31 at 7:00 AM — and goes until the clock strikes midnight and the last band sings.

Jason Wussow joined FOX21 on Thursday’s morning show to preview the event.

It’s free of cost — and full of local artists, caffeination, and a range of food and beverages.

Here’s a list of the music lineup.

6:30am Sonofmel
7:15 Shawn Ramey
8:00 Cole Forcier
8:45 Adam Johnson
9:15 Garth Anderson
10:00 Severio Mancieri
10:45 Emily Haavik
11:15 Shane Nelson
12:00pm Jesse Luoma
12:45 Judas
1:30 Scarlett Woods
2:15 Jacob Mahon
3:00. Colleen Myhre
3:45 Steve Isakson
4:30 Chamber Buds
5:15 Mark Levings
6:00. Ethan & Annie
6:45 Israel Malachi
7:30 Trash Cats
8:15 Tommy Wotruba
9:00 Woodblind
9:45 Kings Named
10:30 Emma Jeanne
11:15 The Hermits

Wussow’s Concert Cafe is a locally owned coffeehouse featuring live music, a full espresso bar, homemade fare, and a fun variety of beer and wine

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