DPD Public Information Officer And Postmasters Reminding Residents of Front Porch Theft During Holidays

DULUTH, Minn.–‘Tis the season for giving and receiving. As packages get dropped of on front steps, you’ll want to avoid leaving them unattended if you can.

With the holidays being a busier time of year for ordering packages, your porch may start to pile up. This can present and appealing scenario for porch pirates. Thieves that specifically wait to steal items off porches, taking advantage of the small window of time between when items are dropped off and when they’re taken inside.

Duluth Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Mattie Hjelseth, said, “Yeah, I mean there’s people out there that can be Grinches and just be aware of your surroundings, have a light on your porch”.

While packages can be dropped off anytime throughout the day, you may not always be home when your items get delivered. The Duluth Police Department encourages those expecting a package to by hyper aware when leaving your porch unattended.

Hjelseth went on to say, “Being aware that you are home, track your packages, be in a well lit area and if you do have a camera, definitely use those cameras as well”.

Now if you are sending a package, a preventative measure you can take to avoid it being stolen, is to educate yourself about all the logistics before you send anything through the mail, be aware of the expected arrival date, and make sure the box you’re using is secure and it’s going to the right place.

Duluth Postmaster, Matt Macfarlane, said, “The biggest things you can do is make sure that when you’re shipping things, that the address is correct. Make sure that the box you use is in good condition. Just making sure it’s sealed tight to make sure it gets from point A to point B”.

The Duluth Postmaster tells us there are multiple options if you don’t want to leave your delivery sitting on your porch. Customers can choose ‘Hold for Pick Up’ at your local post office.

You can also customize your delivery online by leaving instructions for your driver to follow when dropping off.

Macfarlane went on to say, “So we always recommend if you’re not going to be home and you’re concerned about that type of thing, having some sort of locked mail receptacle. But our carriers always go above and beyond trying to put items out of site, so if it’s a porch we’ll try and put it around the corner, any kind of secure building, we’ll try and put it somewhere safe”.

All U.S. postal services have tracking options on their website, same goes if you are using Fedex to ship things.

And if, in spire of all your precautions, you believe you are a victim of porch theft, you can make a stolen property report right on the Duluth Police Department’s online E-Reporting system.


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