Is Fruitcake Getting a Bad Rap?

DULUTH, Minn. —  A 2016 online article has the headline “7 Reasons you should never eat Fruitcake” And the sub head that reads Throw it in the Trash.”
That’s a pretty harsh sentiment for a traditional Christmas Sweet.
” Do you like Fruit cake – no, not a fan”
Scott Johnson of Johnson’s Bakery says he generally makes two batches of Fruitcake each season.
“This makes about 76 pounds of Fruitcake all together.”
The process to make Fruitcake is actually a two day project.
” What is your thought on Fruitcake, do you like it? Ahh. Not Really.”
On the first day 12 pounds of golden raisins …..7 pounds of pecans….and 30 pounds of candied fruit being mixed together in a large bowl.
The fruit and nuts are then covered so that the flavors will meld overnight.
In addition, a special sauce of brandy, almond bark and other secret flavorings is created, and it too will sit overnight.
“Not my favorite, thanks.”
Day two is when it all comes together. The cake part of fruit cake is created…the sugar and salt is combined….and then flour and eggs are added along with  butter, a lot of butter.
Then the special sauce is added to the mix.
” Would you like to try a piece of fruitcake? Yeah, why not…It’s very good, I didn’t know it was going to be so Jello-y. It’s pretty good.”
Now it’s time for the batter to meet up with the fruit, nuts and golden raisins which have been patiently waiting. And once again the ingredients are mixed together.
From there the raw fruitcake creation is put into the foil tins…two pounds at a time. More fruit and Pecans are added to the top and then egg wash is applied.
“Would you like to try a piece of fruitcake? No, No thanks. Why not? Alright I’ll give it a try. It’s Good, That’s impressive. I think a lot of people have the wrong impression of fruitcake. ..I’m one of them.”
Into the oven go the Fruitcakes and in just a bit of time they are ready to be bought by customers at Johnson’s Bakery and enjoyed over the holidays.


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