Shoppers Inside at Miller Hill Mall

It’s the last full day to get your holiday shopping done and with today’s weather there was one place that stood out for people looking to complete their shopping.

That place, he place to be on Friday was up the hill at  the Miller Hill Mall.
We checked in with a few shoppers there to see what they needed and how much shopping they had left to complete.

Here’s what a few shoppers told Fox  21.

Daniel Strup
“How many sisters do you have to shop for?
You’ll have to get a lot at Bath and Body Works then.
Did you know what our getting or did you have to wander around a lot?
“Wander around a lot.”
Are you a shopper at heart?
Oh, you like it?
Did you  learn that from Mom?
I don’t know, but I like spending money.”

Janae Sjodin
What are you doing today?
“Shopping and waiting for our car to get done.”
Oh, you’re having some work done on on your car, so you decided to go shopping?
Now is this Christmas shopping or is this for you?
“Christmas shopping, yeah”
Are you done with it yet?
“Are we? I think so.”

Kaylie Horn
Did you just start today?
“I did.”
How many people are you buying for?
“Three, so far.”
Who are  you buying for?
“My boyfriend and parents.”

Jake Vollmer
Had you started shopping before this?
“Yeah, just a few things I forgot.”
Oh really, you’re one of those guys who gets it done ahead of time.
“Most of the time.”
Who’d you forget today?
“The dogs.”

Shelly Shafer
Natural Magic of Duluth
“It’s actually no as busy as I thought it was going to be. But, last weekend was crazy, it was insane.”

There’s still time for you to get your shopping done. The Mall is open until  9 on Friday.
On Christmas Eve day, Miller Hill Mall is open from 10 until 6. and the Mall is closed Christmas.


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