Think Ahead – Drive Safely

DULUTH, Minn. –Traveling Over the River and through the woods may be much more difficult this weekend. The low temperatures and the howling winds will be making driving difficult.

State Patrol officers call this time, after a snow storm or after low visibility, the “stupid time”. Drivers had been driving more cautiously during those events, and driving much slower, However, once the sun appears and the plows have been out, troopers see speeds increase significantly and people being over confident. These actions can lead to crashes and if you’re not careful, simply running off the road can become a much more tragic event.

Minnesota State Trooper, Lieutenant Pete Gorman says, “You know when a vehicle crashes and goes in the ditch people have the instinct to get out of their car, check damage, walk around, and flag down help. Outside of the vehicle can be dangerous due to the elements and dangerous for other passing motorists   as well. if somebody else loses control and somebody ends up getting hit we don’t want  taking out a relatively minor incident like going into the ditch and turning it into somebody getting struck or killed by another vehicle.”

Lieutenant Goman added that it is critically important that people follow the Move Over Law when you see flashing lights ahead. You need to move over a lane or at least slow way down.

Data from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows that between 2019 and 2021 60 State Patrol squads were struck while parked at emergency scenes. Those crashes led to 14 Troopers being injured as a result of the crashes

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