Cook Co. Power Restoration Underway After Full Outage Friday

COOK COUNTY, Minn. — Parts of Cook County remained without power Saturday after a county wide power outage on Friday from fierce 70-plus mph wind gusts.

Sheriff Patt Eliasen posted two updates Saturday on the situation:

“If you are in an area that is experiencing an extended power outage and you need somewhere to get warm, please call dispatch and they will refer you to Cook County Public Health and Human Services. They have the resources for those who are in need of somewhere to stay, or just someplace to warm up.
Sheriff Pat Eliasen”
“The linemen are still working to restore power, there are several areas that have been without power for a significant amount of time. Arrowhead Electric has staff on duty to take calls regarding power outages, please call the number below if you want to report an outage. Dispatch needs to deliver emergency services and we need to keep our phone lines open for them. If you need emergency services please call 218-387-3030 or 911.
Arrowhead Electric 218-663-7239″


COOK COUNTY, Minn. — Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen posted on social media Friday evening to report a power outage affecting the entire county.  This comes after an official 74 mph wind gust in Grand Marais earlier today.

“Hi everyone, our dispatch center is aware of the power outage that has affected the entire county. They are handling many emergency calls right now and the phone lines are being overwhelmed. If your power is out, and you can get by for a while, please do not call. If you have an emergency, absolutely call either 218-387-3030 or 911 and someone will respond. Thank you for your understanding at this time, and we will update this page when we are notified about the power returning.
Sheriff Pat Eliasen”

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