CHUM Holds Vigil For Lives Lost To Homeless

DULUTH, Minn. — People were on the steps of city hall yesterday remembering those we’ve lost this year due to homelessness. 

A vigil was held by CHUM reading off the names of the 69 homeless and homeless advocates lives that were lost this year, three of which have died in just the last month outside due to the weather. At the vigil, signs were made with the name of each person lost that followed a moment of silence. 

“Just over the last month we lost people just due to the elements. and we need to be real concerned. it’s unconscionable that people are dying on our streets,” said Street Outreach Coordinator for CHUM Deb Holman.

“But really, it’s not about the elements, it’s also about all of the other things that beat down on you admit poverty and long-term homelessness that wears your body down to a point that you’re more vulnerable,” said CHUM Board President Patrice Critchley-Menor.

CHUM leaders say that each night they see anywhere between 90-120 people at their shelters and warming centers. They are open on Christmas to welcome anyone that needs a place to stay for the night away from the cold weather. CHUM is open 24/7.

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