Christmas Tree Treecycling

WLSSD has many sites where you can drop off yours.

DULUTH, Minn. — Some of us hang on to our real Christmas Tree until it becomes a fire hazard, but some of us can’t wait to get that tree out the door. If your tree is real–not artificial–you can recycle it at a number of WLSSD sites.

The Yard Waste Compost Site will be open every day between now and the end of January. These might seem like some obvious reminders, but make sure you have not left any light strings or ornaments hidden or tucked away in between branches. Recycling does not take flocked trees. And some stuff just has to go in your trash at home. That includes wreaths, garland, and tree stands.  If you don’t feel like hauling your tree away yourself, Twin Ports Trailer Trash will do it for you–for free. It is a joint program with WLSSD.  To arrange for pickup, just register by Friday online at this link.

If you are going to drop yours off, the WLSSD Yard Waste site is open every day through next month, and there is a half-dozen other locations throughout the area that will take trees for recycling through January 10th. For a complete list of treecycling locations, we have a link that will take you to a list of the locations and the various days and times you can drop off your tree.

“WLSSD, who we partner with, offers a treecycling program where people can bring their trees to various locations around town. But not everybody either has the time or the ability to bring their tree to there, so we figured why not give people a free option? We come pick it up. You might see somebody dressed up as a Grinch picking up the Christmas tree, but it’s a fun thing and keeps the guys busy during a slow season and it’s just all around a win-win,” said Bernard McCarthy, Twin Ports Trailer Trash Owner.

The treecycing program and WLSSD do not take flocked trees. Wreaths, garland, tree stands — all in the garbage.

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