Katie Lowes of ‘Merry Kiss Cam’ Talks Filming In Duluth, Local Talent Pool

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s been about a month since the romantic comedy “Merry Kiss Cam” debuted on Hulu.

The movie was shot in Duluth showcasing the city, UMD Bulldogs, Carmody Irish Brew Pub, The Heritage Sports Center and other locations.

FOX 21’s Dan Hanger recently chatted with Katie Lowes, one of the lead actors in “Merry Kiss Cam” who is also known for her roles in ABC’s “Scandal” and Netflix’s “Inventing Anna.”Kiss Cam Logo

Lowes talked about her first-time experience shooting in Duluth and how impressed she was with the talent here.

Meanwhile, the owner of Carmody’s talked with FOX 21 about the filming experience at his pub and his hope for a ripple-effect of more L.A. productions coming to the Twin Ports. Click here for that part of the story.

Check out the “Merry Kiss Cam” trailer below:



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