Skating At Portman

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s winter time, it’s after Christmas and the kids are not in school. That can mean only one thing, many of them are at the ice rink.

The Portman Skating area saw dozens of kids skating on Monday afternoon, and having fun this afternoon. Whether it was
playing pick-up hockey, just learning to skate, or practicing some ice dancing moves.

The folks at the rink were having fun, even those who may not have been there by choice. When asked why was she skating today, Micah answered “Skating cause my mom took away my electronics. What happened? My mom said outside. So I did.”

Riley Gartlan, with a full head of hockey hair, told us why he was skating, “I like to play hockey with my friends and get better at hockey. I have a hockey game tonight against the Scribbler Gray team and we got a pretty good team this year. All the kids are having a great time this year and hope everything’s going well with them all”

The Portman skating area has three hockey rinks, with one of them for the younger kids and an open skate area where future Olympic skaters can practice their moves.

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