New Café Brings Familiar Taste Back to International Falls

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn. — The beloved Sandy’s Place to reopen under new ownership as ‘On The Way Café’ in January.

Sandy’s Place was the brunch hub of International Falls for nearly 25 years.

That is until, Owners Sandy and Sandy retired and closed the restaurant last year.

“It felt kind of empty around here without Sandy’s Place, as weird as it sounds.”

You heard there from Kasey Thydean, and his wife Larissa, who now hold the prized keys to the old Sandy’s building.

“I’ve always been involved in the restaurant industry. So, I’ve enjoyed serving good food to people for a long time,” Kasey stated.

The Thydean’s had been looking since last spring to open their own restaurant — when an offer came in, unexpectedly.

“I was actually working overnights across the street at the gas station when Sandy came in early one morning. She mentioned that she knew I was looking around and asked why I hadn’t approached her on this place yet.”

After working out the details and coming to a deal — the couple said, the buy was a no-brainer.

“The opportunity was too great to not take advantage of.”

On The Way café will serve a familiar taste of Sandy’s Place, “the pancake recipe is coming back,” said Kasey.

Along with some new flavors, “our specialty so far is looking like eggs benedict.”

Not just one or two, but a range of eggs benedict options.

“We ended up with about four or five different kinds,” said Kasey.

While the food can be remade, the staff played a big role in the charm of the café.

When asked if any original Sandy’s servers or cooks would return, Kasey said, “we do plan to have some of the old staff return, yes.”

Right now, the Thydean’s are hard at work — putting up Scandinavian inspired décor and finalizing the menu.

Kasey expressed, “I’m a little nervous for opening day, but I think that’s to be expected.”

Larissa went on to say, “people are excited to have another breakfast place and they’re excited to come back here.”

They have a full staff, along with a whole community, ready to walk in once the doors open.

The tentative opening date for On The Way Café is January 1.

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