Snowmobile Trails in Rough Condition

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Snowmobile clubs spend hundreds of hours preparing trails for the season opening, and this year has given them a new challenge.

Northwest Trails is the organization that oversees all of the ATV and snowmobile trails in Douglas County. One of the six clubs associated with the organization is Drift Dodgers, which is responsible for maintaining 84 miles of these county trails.

Due to the heavier snowfall, The Vice President of Northwest Trails says this is the worst winter they’ve seen for an opening in the past 10 years.

“With everything being cleared off the trails and ready for winter, it’s the trees that are twenty feet off the trails and the tops are now in the trails causing such chaos for everybody. After two weeks now, a lot of us have put in a few hundred hours and we’re absolutely run ragged this season so far,” Northwest Trails Vice President, Dustin Androski says.

He says about 75 percent of the trails are open at this point and he expects to see everything open within the next two weeks.

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