Catering During the Holidays

DULUTH, Minn. — Catering services generally have a busy and profitable season during the holidays as more people are entertaining and want to have someone else do the cooking.

MidCoast Catering, based in West Duluth, says this year has been a bit slower than past year, but it’s been a good year overall. The company can help people plan their food needs of will prepare exactly what the customer wants.

Recently MidCoast has seen an uptick in requests for one type of appetizer. “Charcuterie boards are always a really big crowd pleaser,” says Kelsey Auran, an event coordinator for MidCoast Catering.  “It’s got a little bit of something for everyone if that’ what you’re interested in or more hors d’oeurves style of things. I also think people are also leaning to fancy meals as well and we’re happy to do both ends of the spectrum.”

An offshoot of charcuterie boards, butter boards, is one area where Mid Coast Catering may expand its offerings, although nothing has been firmed up on this Tik-Tok inspired offering. In the meantime, MidCoast can cater for parties as small as two people or as large as 500 or more.

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