Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Will Increase On Jan. 1

Minimum Wage

Ringing in the new year for workers, the minimum wage rate throughout Minnesota will be adjusted for inflation and be raised for both small and large employers beginning on Jan. 1, 2023.

Minnesota’s minimum-wage rates will be adjusted for inflation on Jan. 1, 2023, to $10.59 an hour for large employers (with annual gross revenues of at least $500,000) and $8.63 an hour for small businesses and other state minimum wages.

The training wage rate and youth wage rate will also be $8.63 an hour, and may be paid to employees younger than 20 years of age for the first 90 consecutive days of employment. The youth rate can be paid to employees under 18 years old.

The state minimum-wage rates do not apply in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which have higher minimum wage rates of $13.50 (small employers) and $15 (large ones).

You can view the state’s recent wage report detailing the increases here.

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