Cultural Book Signing At Zenith Bookstore in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — A cultural book signing took place at Zenith Bookstore Thursday, honoring a local author from Cloquet.

The author, Tom Peacock is a member of the Fund du Lac Band of Lake Superior and has written around a dozen books.

The work he was showcasing was, “The Wolf’s Trail,” an Ojibwe story about an elder wolf teaching a litter of wolf pups everything about humans, particularly Ojibwe people.

This is the first book has written where all of the characters are exclusively animals.

Peacock’s hope for the book is to present lessons in a subtle way, often exposing the reader with information they may not have known before.

“Well for native people I’m hoping that what they will get is how important it is to continue to teach our stories and ways and live our ways. For non-native people I think the story provides enough historical background and enough cultural teachings to give them a bit of an inkling on who these people are, the Ojibwe,” said Tom Peacock, the author.

“The Wolf’s Trail” has been picked as the 2023 One Book Northland community read. This book is being used in a variety of ways like being featured in adult book clubs and introduced to middle school classes.

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