Kansas City Tourists Make Unexpected Visit To Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — Well, when you live where it’s relatively mild, and the kids are on Christmas break, where do go? For some people, it’s traveling north and stopping in Duluth!

We sent Fox21 photojournalist Adam Jagunich out to find some people ice fishing. He went to the Lake Superior Harbor off Park Point. He found some ice houses, which he expected, but he also stumbled upon something he didn’t expect.

“Yeah, we came in from Kansas City, just for a quick trip,” said Lucas Buhman, visitor. “So, what possesses someone to come from Kansas City to Duluth, Minnesota?” said Jagunich. “We wanted to play in the snow. We’ve been snowmobile riding, going to go dogsledding. We’re going to go skiing and tubing tomorrow,” said Lucas.

The Buhman family has seen some frozen ponds from time-to-time, but nothing like the ice and snow they slipped and skidded across this afternoon. When asked to describe their visit, two of the boy’s said fun, and the third said snowy. This trip they almost added ice fishing to their bucket list… almost.

Lucas said, “We do our fair amount of fishing, but not ice fishing. So, we had discussed coming out and doing this, but it might be too boring for us. We didn’t know.”

Well, you’ve got to give them credit for being honest! The Buhman’s said they might actually be a little crazy. For their vacation last summer, they headed to, where else? Houston! Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again if the Chiefs face the Vikings or the Packers in the Super Bowl.

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