UPDATE: Duluth City Hall to Reopen Next Tuesday After Water Leak

City says most of the water is cleaned up, but potential moisture damage remains

DULUTH, Minn. — Duluth’s City Hall says it will reopen next Tuesday, January 3 after a water leak shut down the building.

The city turned down a request by FOX21 News to be allowed inside and see the damage.

The city said the leak started when a contractor accidently cut into a three-quarter inch pipe feeding a water heater for bathrooms on the third and fourth floors.

The city says repair crews initially thought the water was coming from the sprinkler system, and it took them about an hour to find the source. By then, water was pooling in the basement. The city says most of the water is cleaned up, but bathrooms and the sprinkler system are not yet working. Until they are functioning, and the remaining water issues are cleaned up, the city says the building will remain closed to workers and the public.

The city says the biggest potential for damage is hidden moisture, and damage to stone and ornamental finishes on a small section of the rotunda.

The city says that because of changes made during the pandemic, many employees can work remotely, and that most city functions and services can be performed via telephone or internet. Meanwhile the Duluth City Hall remains closed to all employees and the public.


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