Young Girl Raises Money To Buy Warm Clothing Accessories For Homeless

DULUTH, Minn. — A young girl’s question to her parents about what her family could do to help the less fortunate led to her buying socks and other warm things for those in need.

Last year fifth grader Stella Tenerelli decided that she could help others by baking cupcakes and selling them. Stella, along with her brother and sister, along with her parents made four kinds of cupcakes. These were sold one dozen at a time with no set price, just pay what you could. Stella raised $375 last year. This year the total raised was $1,200.  She used all the money to buy warm clothing at Costco.

“I was surprised, like my brain was exploding,” said Stella when asked about her reaction. She continued,” I bought socks, hand warmers, long john’s hats and mittens.”

The folks at Costco saw what she was buying and when they asked why, the employees were very moved. They decided they could help Stella and her efforts. The assistant general manager at Costco, Shawney McMillian was impressed. “It’s amazing. I just thought her story we so incredible. I think we all did. We had quite a few people that were impressed by an 11-year-old going out in the community and doing what she’s doing all on her own.”

On Friday Costco was able to present Stella with a box full of socks that employees had purchased. Stella will bring these socks to Ruth’s House in Superior, the same place she had previously given the warm clothing.

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