Atmore Memorial Race Brings in Skiers From Coast to Coast

DULUTH, Minn. — The weather has been on the rougher side for some folks these last few weeks, but this year’s winter weather has made for preferred conditions for skiers at Spirit Mountain.

Team Duluth hosted the Atmore Memorial Race for its 45th year down the Gandy Dancer hill at Spirit Mountain. This race attracts skiers from coast to coast to participate, including Olympians. We caught up with one young skier from Canada who has been making the podium for the last two days.

“I’ve been racing the Atmore and races at Spirit Mountain since I was about a youth 12 athlete, so that’s underneath the age of 12. And I’ve been coming every year since,” said overall winner of the women’s race so far Marie-Penelope Robinson.

Last year, Robinson was overshadowed by her older sister who took first place at the Atmore. The Atmore Memorial Race continues tomorrow.

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