Bentleyville Still Looking for Volunteers to Help Tear Down

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s been almost a week since Christmas and Bayfront Festival Park is starting to look a lot less festive.

Bentleyville staff and volunteers have been working hard to tear down the 5,000,000 lights. Executive Director Nathan Bentley says that this usually takes about a week, but with low numbers of volunteers this year it might take them an extra week. But some staff have been devoted through it all.

“I came down when it was being set up. I was here through it when Bentleyville was live, and now we’re taking it down. Everyday is a different day, exciting,” said Bentleyville Staff member Jordan Burris. “The people are amazing that come through Bentleyville, all the volunteers, people that are experiencing it, the staff, it’s all really because of really good people. It’s fun.”

Now with most of the displays gone, you got to wonder where all of the lights go? Well, they’re just loaded onto a truck and taken to a storage facility in Hermantown for next year. Lights, some displays, and some steel framing are still needed to be packed away.

“Probably next weekend will be our last weekend. We’re hoping to get things wrapped up. Just with the weather being so good, we would like to see as many people as we can,” said Burris. “We will be here tomorrow, so if anybody wants to come down and help us out. We will really appreciate that.”

Volunteers can stop by anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. to see if staff need any help. Staff are hoping to be done next weekend.

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