Skiers Geared-Up for the 45th Atmore Memorial Race

DULUTH, Minn. — This New Year’s Weekend skiers geared up for the 45th Atmore Memorial Race at Spirit Mountain. Contestants from around the states, and even other countries readied themselves for a chance to further their skiing careers.

“It’s a big deal,” said Chief of Race Dave Neustel. “So the kids racing today are national level racers trying to qualify for the U.S. Nationals to follow their dream in making the U.S. Ski Team and continue on their career to things like the World Cup and Olympics.”

To qualify for the Atmore Memorial Race, skiers must rack up enough points based on the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Point system or their home country’s point system. Marie-Penelope Robinson, was able to shut out three days of consecutive wins, marking her talent. “It means that I put a good race forward and that I finished every run to the best of my capabilities,” said TB Fast skier and Women’s Overall Winner Marie-Penelope Robinson. “It means that I enjoyed myself.”

From Thunder Bay, Canada, Robinson lost to her sister. But this time she was fast enough to finish at 1:32.41, with second place contender Devynn Martin and third place contender Emma Wolf were just behind Robinson by three seconds.

On the men’s side, Andrew Rusis finished at 1:41.40 grabbing the men’s overall race title. “Had some good results. Got some good confidence. I got the overall. Got some points. I’ve had some good last couple of days,” said Boston College Eagles Skier Andrew Rusis.

This series is a part of the International Federation of Skiing. So there’s a point system and a whole rule book based on how a ski race should be runned. We adhere to that, and that’s why we can have racers from Canada and Croatia. But we get international races all the time,” said Neustel.

According to organizers, Spirit Mountain holds the best race in the Midwest, with the terrain, weather, and Spirit Mountain staff to thank. As for the Atmore, skiers have next time to try out again. And for our overall winners, both plan on racing in the Lutsen GS series on Jan. 2 before heading back home to rest.

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