Globe News Under New Ownership

SUPERIOR, Wisc.– Globe News has been a staple in Superior Wisconsin for several decades. It’s a one-stop-shop with a nostalgic feel making it a collectors dream. The historical building sits on the corner of Belknap Street and Tower Avenue, displaying its iconic signature sign. Now after 40 years, owner Tom Unterberger is retiring, passing the store into new hands.

“The hardest part of leaving here, sounds really cliché, but I’m really going to miss the people, some really-really wonderful people have been coming in over the years on a regular basis, I’ve helped them form nice collections and become good friends, its gonna be tough, really tough to leave all of that.” Tom Unterberger says.

Globe News got it’s start as a news paper stand, until Unterbergers purchase.

To keep up with rapidly changing trends, the store eventually expanded it’s inventory to include, comic books, funko pops, and a large collection of sports cards. There is even a vinyl cave for customers looking for classic and new records.

“You have to try keep on top off things, things get popular, things die off, it’s a challenge.” Said Unterberger

New Owner Jon Fritsche was a regular at the store for 7 years, and put in his offer when Unterberger began hinting at retirement.

New ownership means the store will see small upgrades and even more products on the shelfs.

Plans for minor renovations are also in the works, in hope to make the building more modern.

“The same business model will exist, I’m going to come in here and do a bit of modernization, a little organization and we’re going to keep going with most of the products, you’re going to see a lot more of the comics and the vinyl and the trading cards, he’s got 40 years of collections to go through.” Said John Fritsche

The new ownership team has previous business experience and are looking forward to what the year of 2023 brings for their store.

Fritsche calls previous owner Tom the heart of a close community of collectors in Superior.

There is a long list of regulars at Globe News, many eager to welcome the new owner as the store officially changed hands on January 1st.

“I’ve met probably close to 50 to 60 people and the last few days alone, coming in and just offering to help and shaking my hand and introducing themselves. I love hearing all the stories of the folks that have been coming in for 30-40 years, just think it’s great, we’re just a tight-knit community and I look forward to kind of continuing that process and that feeling that people have when they come into globe.” Says Fritsche

Unterberger says he’s grateful for his loyal customers that have supported him and his business. Globe News will keep it’s same hours, and will remain open every day of the week.

In Superior, Paige Hansen, Fox 21 Local News.

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