‘New Year’ Means ‘New Fitness Routine’ for Some

HERMANTOWN, DULUTH, Minn. – “You know some cliches’ could be, “New Years, New Beginnings” for a lot of people, so you’re going to see a lot more people come in. But I’m trying to make sure people want to come in at all times,” Hermantown’s Anytime Fitness General Manager, Marco Carrillo says.

That same old cliche, “New Year, New Me” the motive driven by one’s New Year’s resolution to start living a healthier lifestyle by doing such things as going to the gym.

At the Anytime Fitness in Hermantown, staff there say they see more people coming in this time of year due to that very reason.

“Some of the cool things about Anytime Fitness is that we try to make a personal connection. We are a coaching club here so your results and your goals matter to us. You know, you’re not just another person who walks in, we definitely want to know what your why is, and I want to know how I can help you get there,” Carrillo says.

Anytime Fitness is more than just a gym, it’s also a coaching club, with two personal trainers on staff.

Over in Duluth, another form of gym, 9Round Fitness, also offers the expertise of trainers. Staff say if you are just starting off and intend to get into a routine, having a trainer can be a great motivator.

“We’re a great place to start because we have trainers. A lot of times you go into a gym, or any gym for that matter, you don’t necessarily know what you’re doing. What’s a deadlift? What’s a curl? Am I using the right form? Am I punching right? Am I kicking right? So, that’s why we have trainers here that are going to guide you through your workout and let you know what you’re doing at each round,” 9Round Fitness Owner, Johanna Rich says.

9Round Fitness is offering a New Year’s Special for potential prospects, giving them the option to come in and try out a session for free.

“We’re really excited to see new people and help new people. I mean, that’s why we are here, we want to help people grow in their fitness and be healthier,” Rich says.

“Step one is just getting here and it’s a really fun and motivating environment. The workouts change and the thirty minutes goes by quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate for anybody to come and try it,” 9Round Fitness 5-Year Member, Katie Cannon says.

“The hardest thing to do is getting through that door. So, once they’re through that door, everything falls a little bit easier. So, making that decision and making that commitment is going to be the best part for them because after that anything and everything just kind of rolls through,” Carrillo says.

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