‘New Year’ Means ‘New Nutrition’ for Some

DULUTH, Minn. – Along with fitness routines, another part of living a healthier lifestyle may involve adding more nutrition to your diet.

Over at London Road Nutrition, the owner tells us business tends to pick up this time of year. The shop offers what they call, “a healthy fast food”, shakes, teas, and aloes.

Each shake has 24 grams of protein and 22 essential nutrients and vitamins for a full meal replacement. Other than a healthy shake, the business also offers wellness coaching.

“We’ve got a machine that will scan their body composition and it’s really setting them up to really know how many calories they’re burning right now. Because if you go to the gym and you continue to eat the way you’ve been eating and you think, “Well, I’ve been burning calories at the gym”. It’s not necessarily enough to get the results,” London Road Nutrition Owner, Paul Norlander says.

As a New Year incentive, London Road Nutrition is offering a transformation challenge. This is a four-week program that involves a nutrition plan built on how many calories you burn, along with protein and water intake.

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