WLSSD Treecycling Program In The Duluth Area

DULUTH, Minn. — For those that still have their Christmas tree up and need to know what to do with it, there are a bunch of drop off sites in the Duluth area.

WLSSD’s treecycling program is where the community can bring their trees to specific drop off zones for them to be recycled responsibly.

You just have to make sure there are no lights or ornaments on it.

And if you’re wondering what happens to the trees, they are re-used as fuel, mulch to line paths, and for other purposes.

Tim Climis says he likes the option to bring his trees to a WLSSD drop off site and does it every year.

Climis said, “We get a real tree every year and then at the end of the year we have to come up with something to do with it and this is a good one. The city has a collection program so that we don’t have to haul it to the dump ourselves or throw it in our backyard or something like that.”

A reminder that WLSSD does not take flocked trees. Some treecycling sites close January 10, while others are open till the 31.

To check out where you can drop your tree off, click the link here.

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