Jazz Returns at the Depot

DULUTH, Minn. — Jazz at the Depot started 5 years ago, and Jan. 7 marked the return of the much loved event. The Jazz Quartet had played at Canal Park for a number of years, but the audience at the museum will be about double what they were seeing at when they played at Canal Park.

Each week Jazz lovers will hear the band play a new set that will range from classical to swing and even delve into modern jazz. The Leader of the quartet, Randy Lee provides a story about each of the songs before its performed.

Seats filled up fast, with crowds forming a half hour before the show begins.

“People stay for a while, it is a very fluid group, they come, they go, they mingle, they’re friends that get together and have a couple tables together, and enjoy it,” said Lake Superior Railroad Museum Director Ken Buehler. “People come to play cribbage, it is a wonderful-wonderful event, and it’s just kind of very comfortable.”

In between sets, the audience can tour the museum, seeing trains and railroad artifacts. Audience can even help themselves to popcorn from the concession stand or even buy a drink from the bar. When the tables become full there is an overflow area where guests can watch the show on a large screen.

“They just get together for jazz, for this band, for these guys that perform. So they, at the end of last April, when they took a hiatus, so of course, they missed each other. So this is like a great jazz reunion,” Buehler said.

Until the end of April you can listen to jazz and celebrate its history, every Saturday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Admission for the event is just six dollars and the whole family is welcomed.

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