Glensheen Hosts Community Day Before Taking Down Xmas Decorations

DULUTH, Minn. — Glensheen Mansion held a last hurrah for its Christmas decorations by welcoming in the public for its community day. 

Staff there gave free tours of the mansion and self-guided tours were available as well.

Those on the tours could play one last scavenger hunt of trying to find all of the 25 elves hidden throughout the mansion.

Guests could also get one last look at the 18-foot-tall Christmas tree and the hundreds of feet of garland wrapped around the railings. 

“This is our way of really opening up Glensheen for everyone, and you can come in and take a classic tour of the mansion with all the Christmas decorations. It’s the last day it is going to be set up for Christmas, this year, so after today we take all that down, but it’s a great way to experience glensheen,” said Glensheen Marketing Manager Mike Mayou.

The marketing manager said the Christmas season is a special time at Glensheen, and it takes a lot of people behind-the-scenes to make it shine. 

“It’s for the Duluth community and broader than that as well, so anyone that wants to come down. Today is our day that we do that once a year for these free tours, and it’s our way of opening Glensheen up, and obviously, we want to see it as full as possible. We started decorating, I think November 18 was the first day this year we were open for Christmas tours. It takes a total of 8 days to decorate the whole mansion inside and out. a team of about 20-25 people, and you know, it’s thousands of lights, 27 christmas trees, and making sure every ornament is straight, every light is on and functioning. It is a very large process,” said Mayou.

While the decorations will return next year, this was the last year that glensheen set up marcia hales’ famous christmas lights outside, which will need a new home next year.

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