Locally Laid Egg Company Owner Talks About High Egg Prices

WRENSHALL, Minn. — Inflation has upped the prices on a lot of products at the grocery store, including eggs, but one farm in the Northland says it’s trying to keep prices down.

The Locally Laid Egg Company has a farm in Wrenshall and also partners with Amish farms in Mora that produce a lot of eggs for the brand.

Right now across the country, farms have been hit hard by the rising prices of chicken feed and egg carton packaging, along with the bird flu killing millions of chickens.

The owner of Locally Laid said the demand for eggs is higher from stores because there isn’t enough supply in the market.

He says the egg market fluctuates just like the economy, which means he has to carefully plan how many chickens he buys to produce eggs, or else he loses money.

“I’m just guarded,” Jason Amundsen, the owner of the Locally Laid Egg Company, said. “I want to make sure that people are taken care of, I want to make sure our distributors are happy and our customers are happy. At the same time, I don’t want to be left in a situation where I have too many eggs, which has happened. The distributors rightfully want their orders to be filled, and they’re upset when they’re not filled, I get that, but they’re not upset when eggs are getting filled and we have an oversupply, that becomes my problem.”

FOX21 looked at one grocery store in Duluth to compare prices.

A generic brand of large eggs was priced at $5.45 for a dozen, while the Locally Laid eggs were priced at $5.29 for a dozen.

Amundsen says he tries to keep prices down as much as he can.

“As a business owner, what I don’t want to do is take advantage of the situation where I’m gouging the consumer, which is going to leave a bad taste not just in the consumer’s mind about our brand, but it’s not good karma,” he said. “We did have to increase prices by five cents per dozen, only because our packaging costs have gone up and we have to pay our farmers more.”

To help keep revenue going, the Locally Laid farm also hosts an Airbnb called “The Perch” where you can sleep near the chickens, and maybe even wake up to the sound of a rooster.

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