What’s in Store for Cirrus Aircraft?

DULUTH, Minn. — Less than four months ago Cirrus Aircraft announced that it’s refurbishing a 189,000 square foot building north of the airport to be its Innovation Center.

Innovations to the company’s planes have been an integral part of the company’s growth and its future. At this afternoon’s Duluth Chamber of Commerce’s Let’s Do Lunch event, Cirrus Aircrafts president Patrick Waddick, told those in attendance, “Here in Duluth this coming spring we’re going to move into new innovation center that is just fantastic because we have a lot of airplanes to make, but we also have to design the airplanes of the future. The innovation piece is incredibly important to our growth.”

Waddick says the company delivered its first plane, a SR Series Propeller plane, to a customer in 1989. In its 35-year history the company has delivered more than 9,000 of the Propeller planes to customers. Introduced In 2016, more than 400 of the company’s Vision Jets have been delivered. “Over the last, certainly three-year, demand for our products whether it be the SR Series propeller aircraft of the 5-seat business jet has been tremendous,” said Waddick. He continued “We’re able to help people get where they want, when they want and do it with safety and comfort.”

Safety has been at the forefront of the company’s mission since its start. The company’s parachutes are a part of each of its planes. And Waddick says the parachute function has been able to bring 240 people back to their families.

The company wants to work with other businesses, cities and the state to help bring innovation and solutions to issues faced by all companies in the area. Waddick says these issues include…the continuing need for more housing, the need for more workers and the need to educate others in the state and across the country that Duluth is a significant city.

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