Lake Superior Zoo Excited About Future

Good year behind them, with new exhibits and plans for this year
Zoo Summer Fun

Lake Superior Zoo Welcomes Twin Baby Lorises

Naturally, the animals get most of the credit for a great zoo, but the people behind the scenes are the ones who are looking back at how 2022 went, and what they want to accomplish this year. The Lake Superior Zoo’s staff and Board of Directors had their annual meeting Thursday to celebrate everything from many new births to welcoming many new animals. The most important development this year was earning the hard-to-get zoo accreditation, and zoo leaders say they are not letting up in 2023.

Chief Executive Officer Haley Hedstrom says the zoo has big plans for the year. “We want to add more experiences. We have great animal exhibits and habitat. We’re adding the red panda this year, we’re really excited for that. But our experiences, we want to grow that, so we’re looking at finishing up parallel play, a grant project later this year. So that’s going to add more outdoor play within exhibits, as well as our nature trail project which will be finished by the end of the summer.”

Hedstrom said they are very pleased with the support they have received in working through the COVID years, a large growth in attendance, and success in fundraising.

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