Restaurants Have the Help Wanted Sign Out for Cooks

DULUTH, Minn. — The New London Café and Duluth Grill are restaurants that are locally owned, and both are known for serving tasty food. But expansion is in the works for both these establishments. New London Café will be adding dinner service in just a few months. The owners of The Duluth Grill own other restaurants and will be relocating one in the not-too-distant future.

So, more prep and line cooks will be needed. But where can these people be found, with the exception of high school classes in Duluth, there are no culinary schools in the area.

The managing partner at Duluth Grill Dan Lefevre said, ” Our success has been developing our own people. So, we take people hat don’t have the experience, but they have the core characteristics that we’re looking or…good attitude, good work ethic and we develop them. Often times these employees are the ones that stick around and they’re here for the long haul. ”

The New London Cafe’s cook, Sarah Severson said, “If you’re looking for work in his field or if you’re interested in his field, just know that whatever skill level you’re at, there’s a place for you and this career is something you can learn as you’re making money. ”

Once these restaurants have the cooks and have trained them the next step is to keep them. Often what attracts a person to the restaurant is the same thing that will keep them.

“I think the best thing we can do as an employer is offer a good wage and a meal and I think a small place, and I think a small place offers, like a family vibe and I think that would be our selling point,” said Severson.

The Duluth Grills’ managing partner said, ” The benefit of having such a good core team, a lot of our crew came back, and we do a lot of different things, we’re trying it to be a career minded workspace.”

Something that both restaurants told us is that if you are interested at all in working in a restaurant, just stop in and ask to look around. You might find something other than a bite to eat and you may find a restaurant career might just be in your future.

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