Roger Reinert Running For Duluth Mayor

Duluth, Minn. — “Expect More Do Better.” That’s the theme of Roger Reinert’s campaign which he kicked off outside the Piedmont Community Center on Thursday. . He says Duluth residents should expect more from their city leaders. “We seem to have lost focus on those key things a city must do well. Duluth needs city government to do what city government needs to do. Focus on delivering effective and efficient core city services,” Reinert said.

One example  he thinks needs attention is the Parks and Rec department. He says at one point there were 27 recreational hockey and skating rinks in the city, and that is now down to just six.
He pointed out that this year, the hockey rink at Chester Park did not open.  “We’re a city with winter six months of the year and hockey is a way of life. But, we can’t provide basic Parks and Rec function, or at least be a better partner to a great volunteer organization that is trying to do so? I just got to admit that blows my mind a little bit and it brings me back to core city services, effective, efficient.  Expect More Do Better”

Reinert says he understands people’s frustration with the city’s snowplowing, that he too has concerns. But he said he’s not blaming the drivers. ” It feels like very year, when we get the first big storm, it’s like we’ve never seen snow before. And it feels like the response we sometimes get as residents is “deal with it” “we’re doing the best we can.”

There were approximately three dozen supporters standing behind Reinert as he spoke. We asked some of them, why are you supporting Rienert?

Jon Carlson was one of the people that were on hand o show support. “Change is always good no matter what. Emily Larson is doing a nice job, but there is always benefits in new blood coming in to a new administration and I think the time is right for a change and I look forward to it.”  Another supporter was Jodi Schmaltz who added, “I think we need true leadership that is a Duluth native that has the heart for Duluth and wants to really put his love and passion back in the city. ”

As far as what issue Reinert will address first if elected, he says it will be the perception that city hall employees are unhappy. “The first thing is working on the culture in city hall. I mean as a Duluthian it hurts my heart a little to go online to someplace like Glassdoor and see the very negative comments about current employees working in city hall.”

The Mayoral election is nearly ten months away, and Reinert believes that he will not be the only candidate challenging Mayor Larson for her job.




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