Black Cats on Friday the 13th

DULUTH, Minn. – If you’re looking for black cats, Animal Allies has two in house that will attempt to change the stigma that they’re bad luck.

Hallie and Tex are two 8-year-old cats, who have similar features, both being black haired. The old stigma that black cats are bad luck stemmed decades ago when they were associated with witchcraft.

These two however are not, and we are told by staff that they are two of the sweetest cats you’ll come across.

“Some of the sweetest cats we’ve had come through here have been black cats and they always seem to be really out going too for the most part. Like there’s exceptions but for the most part they always seem to be really like friendly, they want love. They just kind of want to be in your lap and so I don’t know where the stigma comes from because they’re just the sweetest little things,” Animal Allies Adoption Councilor, Mara Hagge says.

If you’re interested in adopting Hallie and Tex, you can pay Animal Allies a visit, meet the cats, and recieve the information necessary to do so.

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