Restaurants After Covid

Duluth, Minn. — There are still many companies an businesses that are still looking to fully recover from the Covid Pandemic and the crushing impact it had on businesses.
Restaurants are finally beginning to see more and more customers come back in. They are wanting to visit friends and family while enjoying a meal together.

Two local restaurants, New London Café and the Duluth Grill are seeing a recovery and are even planning ahead for the summer tourist season.
But that wasn’t the case right after the lock downs were lifted. People were still a little skittish about being out and about.

Sarah Severson, of the New London Café, says, “It was just a really weird adjustment for everybody. I think financially, labor wise, everything. But I think now coming back and were kinda fresh and people are coming back. People are propelling the work in the culinary terms I guess.”

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“In the peak of the pandemic we couldn’t find anybody said Dan Lefevere of The Duluth Grill.  “But we’re slowly seeing people come back to the industry. People that have a passion for food and they love what they do.”

Both of these restaurants have been preparing for the busy summer tourist season since the first of the year. The company that owns the Duluth Grill will soon be relocating one of its restaurants. While New London Café has plans to begin offering dinner service within the next couple of months.

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