Sculpture Building

Duluth, Minn. –No matter the age, you’re never too old to play in the snow.

However, long-time Duluth resident, political enthusiast, and snow-sculptor, Harry Welty, says it’s a little more challenging as the years go by. This year’s creation is a remake of the iconic photograph of Marines planting the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima in World War II.

Welty has run for office, held office and never shied away from expressing his views. So this year, he thought it might be time for a bit of unity. He said, “I am as people might know, focused on politics and, in recent years America’s been pretty divided. And you know, we’re a pretty doggone good country, and we’ve got good memories of bad times, and getting through them together, and I just thought this would be a nice thing to show, as a reminder that we are a united people, and we oughta’ stay that way”

Welty says he piled the snow fourteen feet above the sidewalk, bringing the snow from the back yard to the front yard, snow-scoop by snow-scoop. Welty’s snow-sculpting roots go back to when his young daughter asked him to build a not-so-political snow dinosaur. ”I thought that was a great idea. So I made her a dinosaur that looked like an iguana with a bad overbite, said Welty. “ But just like you, some TV crews and their TV cameras came and got a little glimpse of her crawling over my bad iguana, and I’ve been at it ever since, trying to improve.”

Welty says this year’s Marine’s sculpture took him three days to sculpt, but five days to get all that snow moved to the front yard