U.S. Supreme Court Cases

Two Cases to Be Heard Deal With Minnesota Issues

Duluth, Minn. –The U.S. Supreme Court will hear eight additional cases this year, and two of them deal with Minnesota issues.

The first one deals with Hennepin County. Hennepin county confiscated and sold a 94 year old woman’s home because she owed approximately $15,000 in property taxes. The county sold the home for $40,000, and kept all of the money. The woman’s attorney says this practice violates two constitutional provisions, barring excessive fines and taking property without fair payment.

The other case is a whistleblower case involving how much Supervalu, an Eden Prairie company, billed state and federal governments.
Supervalu matched the $4 price for generic medications that Walmart was offering, but then reported a much higher “usual and Customary price” when seeking reimbursement.
The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the case holding that the decision to report the higher prices was not objectively unreasonable. The Whistleblower is appealing that decision.

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