The Caddy Shack Hosts Playoff Viewing Parties

DULUTH, Minn. —With the Vikings making it all the way to the playoffs, many sports bars were packed to watch the Vikings and the New York Giants game. 

Over at the Caddy Shack, viking fans sat eagerly as the Vikings tailed closely behind the Giants in the first half. We caught up with a few fans to see what they had to say.

Spectator Mike Taylor was optimistic, saying, “ We’re going to come through in the 4th quarter like we’ve been doing. That’s my expectation, because that’s how they’re been doing it the whole season.”

But within the same bar some, like Andrew Melby, went in with low expectations. “I don’t have any expectations, in fact I had none to begin the season. The fact they made the playoffs is amazing to me,” said Melby.

The Vikings ended up losing to the Giants in overtime _. But bar owner Stephaine LaFluer was glad that her bar was glad for the potential support by even some Packers fans. “Well since the packers didn’t make their chance for the playoffs, we lucked out. So that’s just more support that the Vikings needed,” said LeFluer. “I am not going to make predictions because that is not how life works. I’m going to live life on the edge and wait and see what happens.”

The Vikings lost the wildcard playoff game 31-24 against the New York Giants.

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